YAP Proposal #244: Smart Krishi mobile app (Anil Regmi, Nepal)



Anil Regmi, a Nepali national aged 24 with a B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I wanted to pursue a second degree that deals with people more directly, and I find the problems in agriculture more fascinating.

My interest lies in engineering, social media and computing and technology in emerging markets, particularly in agriculture, as well as crowd-based innovation. I have more than 2 years of experience in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) field.

I am also interested in studying the impact of technology diffusion on individuals, families, and societies in economically challenged countries, and how the social and cultural dimensions of everyday life impact the adoption of technology.


Smart Krishi is a mobile app that serves as a platform for farmers and any citizens interested in agriculture to get information with a single touch. Using a Wi-Fi/3G connection, the app automatically syncs with the latest…

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Author: Sridhar Gutam

Plant Physiologist and Open Access evangelist

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