Presenting the DOAJ Ambassadors

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Further to our announcement of the start of our IDRC-funded project focussing on the improvement of open access journals in the global south, I am delighted to present to you the list of 15 DOAJ Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will be working on behalf of DOAJ until April 2017 and will be operating in 11 regions or sub-regions across the globe. DOAJ is very lucky to have such a great list of names: people who have a wide-ranging set of skills and will bring huge amounts of experience to the DOAJ organisation.

After two members of DOAJ were invited recently to present at the NEICON/ASEP conference in Russia, we are very lucky to be able to extend the program’s work to the Russian Federation.  Three volunteers, led by Olga Kirillova, have also joined the list of DOAJ Ambassadors, extending the work of the program outlined to IDRC but on a…

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E-Agriculture: New lawless farming frontier?


The ongoing transformation of agriculture to E-agriculture, which uses data, information and ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) much more intensely in farming, has undoubtedly brought about new opportunities for farmers. But should we not be cautious that the rights of farmers are not tread upon in this new terrain?

Many proponents of e-agriculture claim that data from their farms and farming is the new golden harvest for farmers. E-agriculture at the farm level brings a new degree of precision and, in turn, efficiency to farming by using data gathered from sensors, machinery, automated weather stations, remote sensing and photometry by drones, aircraft and satellites and that collected and collated by farmers. This data about processes carried out on farms and the information gleaned from this data can be used further for transporting, packaging, storing and marketing of all farm produce. This makes not only farming but entire agricultural market and…

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