Cabell’s: ‘Our predatory journal Blacklist differs from Jeffrey Beall’s’

Science Chronicle

Berryman-OptimizedKathleen Berryman, Project Manager at Cabell’s International.

Five months after Jeffrey Beall, librarian at the University of Colorado, Denver, shutdownhis widely consulted blog (Scholarly Open Access) that listed predatory journals and publishers, Cabell’s International based in Beaumont, Texas launched the Cabell’s Blacklistof predatory journals on June 15. Predatory journals cheat researchers by charging fees to publish papers but without carrying any peer-review, thus allowing even trash to be published. 

Besides the Blacklist, the Cabell’s also publishes a Whitelist of journals, and both the lists can be accessed for a fee at the company’s website, 

Kathleen Berryman, Project Manager at Cabell’s, says the company uses a set of criteria to identify deceptive practices employed by journals and will maintain transparency, unlike Beall’s.

How many publishers and/or journals have been included in the list? Is it restricted to Open Access journals? 

We have chosen to review journals…

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